Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Return (and end) of Dude Night

Before Dude Night rides off into the podcasting sunset, I wanted to bring on a long-time friend of mine who's been a big fan of the show. Jesmo joins us in studio to discuss a wide-range of topics, including Dick Clark's need to continue to appear on television after a disfiguring stroke, the American Idol phenomenon and the death of American music, and our own history together as musicians.

As for the beer, we enjoy Fuller's Vintage Ale from 2005.

Listen to the last episode of Dude Night here.

Thank you all for your continued support of Dude Night, and The Beer Safari. It's been one hell of a ride.



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Season One of Dude Night

If you're looking for any episodes from Season One, you may notice they're no longer available. The server where they were being hosted is no longer there, as it turns out. I still have the episodes - they're just not available for download. All of Season Two's episodes (what few there are) are still available, since I'm hosting them on my server for Zeroface.

So, what to do? Well, we're going to make Season One and Season Two (which should be called Season 1 1/2) available on CD-ROM, along with all the videos from Seasons One and Two, and we're going to give them away.

Yeah, like we could actually charge for that crap, anyway.

More details later. But if you're looking for these and you're coming up with 404 errors galore, know that they're still available.

Season Three is in the works. Please stay tuned. Thanks for your patience. We'll make it worth your while, trust me.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beer Safari Christmas Beer Exchange 2007

OK, so we're not exactly dead yet. And to prove it, we've joined forces with the rest of the Beer Safari in a group gift exchange. Because nothing says Merry Christmas like a bunch of beercasters shipping beer to each other all across the country.

We're joined by Groucho & CHUD at The Beer Report, Father Spoon & Sickpuppy at Should I Drink That?, JeffreyT and the gang at The Good Beer Show, Greg & Jeff at Craft Beer Radio, Rick & Dick from Big Foamy Head, Rick Sellers from Pacific Brew News, Bubby, Just Harmless, Spooky, Lil, and the rest of those crazy bastards at Brain Gravy, and Charlie the Beer Guy from Speaking of Beer - who sent us our beer (and holy crap was it good).

If you're reading this, that means you're still around and looking for more Dude Night. And I promise you more Dude Night. Trust me, we'll make it worth the wait. Gonso's gone, unfortunately, but Dude Night is not dead.

We'll explain it all shortly. Look for at least 2 more shows with HogDawg and I starting later this month, and more guest hosts in the future - we have big big plans.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Mela Kalikimaka!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Foamy Dude Night

Dick Pepper from Big Foamy Head joins us at Hollingshead Deli in Orange for a night of beer drinking, smack talking against Pekin, fatherly advice to Gonso, an exclusive tasting of Stone's 11th Anniversary Ale, and much more.

Watch the video above, or download the iPod-compatible version here.

Running time - 33:10 minutes
MP4 file size - 83.3 mb

Big Foamy Head
Hollingshead Deli
Stone's 11th Anniversary Ale

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Jackson RIP

Top beer expert Michael Jackson died this morning.

Jackson dedicated more than three decades to the pursuit and documentation of the world’s finest beers, and wrote many books on the subject.

He became known as the most widely-published and influential author on beer. He developed a cult television series known as “The Beer Hunter”, and contributed articles to countless magazines and newspapers.

Jackson was especially well-known for his particular passion for the specialty brews of Belgium, and his bestseller The Great Beers of Belgium.

Morning Advertiser beer writer Roger Protz said: “I’m in Germany at a beer conference and when I announced he was dead people were totally shocked - he was just so well-known.

“He was the best - and always will be the best. His knowledge of beer is unsurpassable. His genius was to to be able to write simply and beautifully about beer.

“He was a very private person but I enjoyed his company - he always had a really amusing story to tell about his travels.”

Friday, August 03, 2007

Vote for Should I Drink That!

Our very good friends Father Spoon and Sick Puppy at Should I Drink That? have been selected as a finalist in the Food & Drink category in the 2007 Podcast Awards

Please vote for Should I Drink That? in the Food & Drink category, and while you're there, also vote for our good friend JefferyT at The Good Beer Show, who is also nominated in the Podsafe Music category, for his work on "Amped". JefferyT has always been a supporter of our show, as well as other podcasts involved in the Beer Safari. This is our chance to pay him back.

Thanks for your support of our friends in the Beer Safari.



Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Season 2 :: Episode 8 :: Quit Your Whining

Here on Dude Night, we've taken many chances. We talked about sitting down to pee before we even knew who was listening. Clarke's confessed to watching Oprah with his wife. Dawg & Gonso have admitted they enjoy things that women do that Clarke does not. Hell, just a few episodes ago, we played country music.

So we decided to take it one step further. We did a wine show. Not one drop of beer, just wine. O-Man, Dawg and Gonso provide some careful insight on the wines, as well as suggestions for food pairings.

To provide a balancing act, we discuss boxing, hangovers, lots of sports (yes, there's a game involved), and Clarke reads a touching letter he wrote to Stone Brewing. The question remains - did he send it?

In regards to wine, we start with a 2004 Sanford Pinot Noir, which was very smooth. Then we move to a 2005 Barrel 27 Syrah, which was even better - punchier. Things get a little fuzzy after this. We drink a Zinfandel none of us can remember the name of, then some merlot blend that I don't even recall. It was great though, you should get some.

Listen to the downward spiral of "Quit Your Whining" here.

Music by The Crystal Method. Special thanks to Groucho and CHUD from The Beer Report, and to our good friend Don for providing an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir for the show.

Cheers, and thanks again for your continued support of Dude Night, and the Beer Safari - it's a jungle out there.